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10k Onan Quiet Diesel shuts off with no load.


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Went to exercise the generator in my 2009 Camelot, wouldn't start.  Error Code 36.  Changed fuel filter, primed, and it fired right up.  After about 10 minutes I put a load (1 A/C, then ten minutes later a second A/C) on it.  Everything was running fine.  After about 20 minutes, I shut down one A/C, 5 minutes later shut the second one down.  Within a minute after the second A/C was shut off, the generator stopped.  New chassis and house batteries are fully charged.  AGS is turned off.  Back to getting Error 36.  Going to pull fuel filter again, and blow the incoming fuel line back into the tank.  And try it again tonight.  Am I missing anything or need to look elsewhere?

Unsure if this is related, but after taking out the old filter with the lines still attached, I shook it and the generator fired up and kept running (with no load) until I shut it off to put the new one on.  


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Don't know if anyone has had the same problem, but here's how mine was repaired.  After the intermittent running the generator finally refused to start.  Thinking the fuel pump died, I decided to replace it.  Let's put it this way, removing the entire generator might be quicker, but once gaining access to the fuel pump wires, I discovered there was no power going TO the fuel pump.  So having not yet removed the generator or fuel pump, I went looking elsewhere.  As it happened I had an appointment at REV for service on the Air Leveling (another post I'll update).  When I got there, I only had 30 amp from their 50 amp post.  The next morning I mentioned this to the service tech, who said he'd take a look.  As it turned out the orginal IOTA ITS-50R ATS decided to self immolate.  According to the tech there was a recall (?) on these.  I'll be looking for the NHTSA recall later today.  But after having a new one put in, the generator runs.  There must be a safety that shuts the fuel off if there is an open circuit, or other problems downstream of the generator.  




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For those RV owners who still have an IOTA Transfer Switch in their coach take a GOOD look at the photos above.

I have no idea how many times people have been warned on this forum to get rid of the IOTA before it burns the coach to the ground which WILL happen in 5-10 minutes once the fire starts.

The recall is now so OLD so forget about even looking it up. Navistar was the one that issued the recall ONLY on coaches that they had built AFTER the requisition of the Monaco company.

"Navistar Inc. is recalling certain model year 2008-2010 Beaver, certain model year 2009-2011 Monaco, and certain model year 2009-2011 Holiday Rambler RVs manufactured from Oct. 25, 2007 through Aug. 26, 2010, equipped with Iota ITS-50R 50 amp automatic transfer switches. The Iota ITS-50R 50 amp automatic transfer switch bus bar and/or electrical connections may be inadequate to handle the electrical load."

However, this problem had been going on LONG before Monaco went out of business.

Bottom-line, if you have an IOTA Transfer Switch you are living on borrowed time, GET RID of IT - NOW!

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Being new to this forum, I never saw any posts about the problem.   It is strange that both poles are all run off the same side of the blocks.    Wires tight against wires with the opposite polarity can’t be good.   Especially bouncing down the road.  Not sure when this happened, but if it ties into the generator not running it’s been about a month ago.  Good news is while waiting fir repairs, one ac kept the inside livable in 95 degree heat.   I did keep the front to slides in to reduce volume.   
Thankfully the damage was only to the ATS and my wallet.   

I’ll be spending some time over the coming month reading all the posts.  Thank you.  

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