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Elkhart (LPT50BRD 50 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch


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OK, I've read through ALL the discussion on this subject on our site. WOW! Now I get why lots of looking but not responding. So all that being said I'm going with the the ESCO switch. Already have the Progressive's HW50 on the incoming shore. 

Good stuff as always


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While out on the road for our first big trip in our new to us, 2003 HR Endeavor and at least two different campsites the motor home power cut off.  Working fine one minute, dead the next.  We were plugged into 50 amp service both times.  I checked that the plug was in the receptacle tight,  unplugged and plugged in again, looked at the voltmeter and amp indicator back where the cable enters the coach.  The voltages were un-even, like 109 and 120, amps were "0" and it may have been giving me an error code but I was to tired to write it down and just wanted to get some power on.... at the one campsite the power reset and came back, at the next we were just overnighting and I used a 110vac/15amp extension cord to power a portable battery charger and used the inverter to keep the frig and a medical device operating all night (probably could have just used my batteries but we were paying for power)  Didn't need A/C   It was about 11pm when things went south... Generator powered everything but we were in a campground so I did not run it long....  No circuit breakers were tripped inside or outside of the coach.

Here's the question.... This coach has a IOTA ITS 50R transfer switch (for sure), Progressive Surge protector? and monitor system....?? 

Is this a sign of the IOTA going bad, or are things doing what they are supposed to and tripping off to protect the MH?   

Is this "normal" to have splits in the voltages on the two legs of 220vac 50 amp power and is this something common at RV parks? 

In the morning at the second place I asked neighbors if they had problems and they did not.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions??


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