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Help Please! Rear Run Bay electrical schematic GONE!


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Been a long while since I was on this forum, twice cancer survivor Thanx to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Fl. Robotic lung cancer surgery in 2018, and radiation treatments for prostate cancer in 2019. Praise the Lord can get back on the road! My 1994  Monaco Dynasty 38" center door we call the "Tumbleweed" is having dash a/c issues, like it doesn't work at all, Front Run Bay all fuses good but thought that there were fuses or relays in the Rear Run Bay also, unfortunately have lost that schematic. Can anybody point me to or  provide for me a copy of that Rear Run Bay schematic for a 1994 Dynasty? Many thanx in advance, Hop and Marja Collin, 94 Dynasty pushed along by a 2009 Honda Fit

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Congratulations on beating the cancer.  I can’t help with the wiring diagram, but like CBR046 said, if the pressure is low, the compressor won’t kick in.  Does your blower work?  If so, the problem may very well be low pressure.  It sounds like the coach hasn’t been used in 2-3 years and you probably have a leak. 
Since your coach is a 1994, you might still be using R12.  If that’s the case, you will need to take it to a shop because R12 is no longer available.  They will probably be able to do a R134 conversion.  If your system uses R 134, you can pick up a can of refrigerant with a hose and gauge at an auto parts store or Walmart for about $30.  It may not be enough refrigerant for the system, but it might be enough to get the compressor to kick in.  
Gd luck.

Dan D

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