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Running Norcold Frig off House breaker or inverter???


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New to us MH. Updated Norcold with high temp monitor on coils. It has been working very well, knock on wood. Some where I read the ice maker uses a lot of power. From that and based on we would only make ice if stationary on shore power, I assumed that the frig would be plugged into the inverter receptacle in the rear box and the ice maker would be on the house wired receptacle. I would prefer not to have my LP gas solenoid energized when running down the road. Run the frig off alternator/inverter when driving and shore power when at camp site. Manually switch to gas when needed.

In reading thru some articles, this is not how the factory set up the system. Wondering how others have their's set up? 

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When the NotSoCold was in the coach, the fridge was plugged into a NON-Inverter outlet and the Ice Maker was plugged into an Inverter powered outlet.

Monaco did that so the fridge would automatically detect when 120 VAC power was severed and switch over to LPG. The Ice Maker would make ice whether parked or traveling IF the Inverter was on.

One day while in Alaska I decided to try running the fridge using the Inverter powered outlet but totally forgot what I had done. When taking a side trip from Anchorage to the Kenai Peninsula we stopped about halfway to have a leisure lunch at a restaurant. Upon returning to the coach the generator was running as the house batteries had been depleted due to the fridge running on the Inverter. You have to remember that the NotSoCold is an energy hog.

You can do that way but you have to remember to either turn the fridge off or switch it over to LPG or start the generator while you are NOT driving and not plugged into shore power.

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