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Overhead Exhaust Fan Main Cabin


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2008 Camelot 42PDQ.   For starters, I did not even know that there was one in the cabin.  There is one in the head and it works like a champ.  Touch the switch on the wall, it opens, the fan kicks on - touch the switch again, the fan cuts off, the vent hood closes.   The one in the cabin has had a pillow stuffed in the hole since day one.  So here's my story;   

     I parked the coach up beside my house for Hurricane Ida. My barn has a tendency to flood.   Today, I was out in the coach and I hear the fan running...I knew the AC was off so I hunted the noise - pulled out the pillow and VIOLA there is the fan, its on, its running, the hatch is open.  BUT:   the switch on the wall will not turn it off {on OR off} I cycled the switch on the fan itself and it answers properly to the factory control knob.  I can work the knob and get speeds 1,2,3 etc.   Now here's the goofy part.    When I turn the unit on manually, the hatch opens electrically as it is supposed to.  When I turn the unit off manually - I have to pull the knob and go into manual mode to hand crank the hatch into the closed position.  Rotate the on/off knob to the on position....the hatch opens and the fan comes on as it should.    


While tinkering with the wall switch (it operates 5 other things - lights water pump etc) the other 5 items come on and off as they should.  But selecting the ceiling exhaust fan results in nothing but the obvious click of a relay way over on the other side of the coach.  Maybe 3' away from where the exhaust fan is.


Anybody ever have this issue?   I am not really inclined to work too hard to fix it since we have never used the exhaust fan AND....if I want to use it I still can.   Its not exactly a down gripe ya know.

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I assume the switch panel on the wall is your Intellitec lighted switch panel.  This is the main power on/off.

Do you have another thermostat on the wall somewhere else?

Maybe over near your Dometic A/C thermostat.  This also controls the Fan-Tastic roof fan.  

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not sure what you mean.  Yes I have a thermostat on the wall, it controls all 3 roof ac units.  The fantastic roof fan operates independent of the intellitec lighted switch panel.  Whether the fan is selected on or off at the intellitec station the fan will respond to the knob on its face.   Turning the fan on at the knob on the ceiling will start the fan but depressing the switch to turn it off at the intellitec panel will not shut the fan off.

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