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Three relays with fuses/circuit breakers 2003 HR Endeavor


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So I'm troubleshooting an inop dash A/C and the wiring says there is a relay (for the compressor) in the rear of the coach, I have not looked under a plastic cover in the right rear compartment just above the inverter (compartment aft of the battery compartment).  So I remove the cover and these big relays and 120A fuses or cb's  are there.... can anyone shed some light on what these three do??   They are not the relay I was looking for...  They are not marked and the 'control' wires are just white, no text.IMG_8418.thumb.jpg.38cfabdf962ee3c7636011e97126fe8b.jpg

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Can't comment on the wiring but have you checked your freon level (psi)?  Compressor won't energize unless there's enough static pressure in the system. 

As for the wires . . . . I've searched the world over and thought I'd found true love but pfffft can't find an 03 HR Endeavor wiring diagrammmm (to save my life).  If you find one can you share?

- bob

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I know Bob... I have not found one for the HR either, but I found a good one with a TOC for a 2003 Monaco Dynasty that the systems match fairly good.  I tried to post but it is too big (78 MB) .... but the good news is that I found it here in the "downloads".   I'm using the strategy of "the nuts do not fall far from the tree"... and so far the systems are about the same.... 

Dick, makes sense.. they (as far as I can tell) are working fine and not giving me any problems.... I just like to know what things are.... Thanks!


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