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Please gas smell/ generator making strange noises/ Idol is fluctuating up-and-down


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Idol is fluctuating up-and-down I noticed on this last trip that I have a smell smells like propane but I can’t find any leaks my generator is making really weird noises fluctuating. I’m in Bullhead city I’m hoping it will stay together till Monday and I’ll see if I can find somebody in Vegas they can look at it right away since we’re full timers in our Monaco dynasty. Do you guys have any recommendations of who to take it to in Vegas it’s an on in 10,000 W thanks advance

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There have been some members here who have posted in the past about really good RV repairs shops they have used in Vegas. I just don't recall the name(s) of the shops.

Maybe you can do a search of this site & see if you can located it. Otherwise here is a very useful web site that lists various service centers.


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Propane smell is likely a leak at the regulator on the tank. ..recent thread on which regulator. 
Your diesel 10K generator is probably in need of a new fuel filter (cheapest place to start) but the electric fuel pump (Amazon has them) is also known to weaken and not supply enough fuel…10K should run at a constant speed.


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