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Double the heat from Aquahot Zones

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We are in Bryce Canyon for a few days, and it's mighty chilly here right now and especially at night.  (teens).   I pulled the cover off the front AH zone, just to make sure the fans were running, and immediately noticed how much more warm air was coming out.   The sofa zone was easy to uncover as well, and same thing.   My bedroom and kitchen zones don't have easily removable covers, but they will soon get enlarged significantly or re-attached with magnets so they are removable as well.   


Granville Barker

05 Dynasty Countess



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So, your getting more air flowing thru the heat exchanger, but a lot of that air, has already been thru the heat exchanger.

My front exchanger ( your second pic), has a decent size return air intake vent on the side of that cabinet, right beside the throttle pedal.

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Maintaining the heat exchangers is the key to proper heat flow. That means vacuuming around the exchanger front, back & sides plus making sure the return vents are vacuumed also. Lots of dust bunnies, hair and other stuff tends to collect there. The intake fans are on the rear so that's where a lot of stuff collects.

Same for the bottom of any residential fridge installed in a coach. This maintenance is needed to keep it clean running correctly.

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