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Traction contol Light stays on (ATC, ABS)

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Short story:

Went by Cummins for a checkup. They did a thorough Inspection. Part of the inspection they ran the coach on the Dyno. The ABS and ATC lights came on. As you would expect since the front wheels stay put while the rears are going strong. The Cummins rep said that normally the lights go off after 100 or so miles. I've seen this logic stated on the web multiple times (Sometimes only a few miles). It seems strong advice. However, I've traveled more than 2K+ miles now and the lights remain on. I'm not daring enough to push the abs to engage so I don't know if it is working or not.


I want to know how to get the lights to turn off and get my dash back to normal. P.S. no other elements on the braking were touched during the PM. They should be off by now.


Help? Thoughts?

2006 Monaco Camelot. I believe it has the 400 hp Cummins (Though I don't think that makes a difference).

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The only trouble I know that needs a distance of driving is a wheel sensor trouble that is no longer existing. 100 miles? More like 100 yards, with my system.  If they read the codes, they would know and tell you exactly what's causing the light. Find a shop that can do it or see where your diagnostic button is. Depending on manufacturer, it will give a specific sequence of blinks indicating specific trouble. After 2k miles it is pretty safe to say that there is a persistent problem. Most likely a wheel sensor out of position or it's lead torn up but can be number of other reasons. Trying to get the ABS to kick in takes some serious braking power and I don't like things flying around.

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Ive read quite a few documents on ABS systems while I've fixed my problems. 

The system has a setting for Dyno mode that the tech is suppose to use prior to the test. 

Everything I read says the light should go out after driving.  But when my light stayed on and I checked the fault code it said it was Dyno mode, mine didn't go out after driving.  I read the codes using the diagnostic module in my front drivers side electrical bay.  Back to the books, many internet searches and finally found a way to clear the Dyno mode.  It involved using the brake pedal and button on the diagnostic module, took two people as one had to continually press the brake pedal while the other pressed the button in a specific sequence.  Upon further reading I read a warning that said not to press the button for more then 2 seconds otherwise it puts it into Dyno mode.  My guess is I pressed the button too long, so no I do it to the count of 1001. 

If the ABS light wasn't on when you went to have inspected I'd be taking it back and let them figure it out. 

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