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360° Camera System

Scotty Hutto

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Let me start by giving credit where it is due. I got this idea from @pwhittle and post by @StellaTariche .  Here is a link to his thread:

Next, many thanks to @pwhittle for all of the help, including fabricating mounts for my side cameras. And many thanks to @vanwill52 for the help getting things installed. 

Here is a pic of the display showing me getting fuel after I finished the calibration process:


I used the szDalos 360° camera system with the smaller “new metal cameras”, purchased from AliExpress. Ordered Aug 28 Delivered Sept 13. Total cost, including shipping, was $509.27. (I already had the 10“ monitor)  

US $419.00 | Bird View camera System for RV  / motorhome  / Camper   HD 3D 360 Surround View System  1080P DVR G-Sensor

Like @StellaTariche, I ran my camera cables along the roof, using the existing access hole on the roof to run cables down through the A-pillar to the dash. I used the supplies he recommended in his post. (If you are going to do this, I STRONGLY recommend reading his thread.)

To echo John’s advice… unless you are doing the calibration in an aircraft hangar or enclosed garage with smooth concrete floors, don’t bother trying to use the tape provided with the kit for calibration. Use the measuring wheel and chalk he recommends. 

Additionally, there are not a lot of directions in the manual for setting up the calibration layout. Measure well, and understand that laying out the grid EXACTLY to the dimensions shown for your length vehicle will give a good result. The more accurate you are, the better the “stitching” process will work. 

I thought I had pics of my camera locations, but will post those later  

Here are some pics of my cable runs and calibration process  







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