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Signatures, part deux

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(Also sent as an email to all members, but since we have about 500 members who have opted out of receiving any emails from the site, I am also posting this on the site.)

Hello Monaco fans!

Since we have a lot of new members, I just wanted to remind everyone to check your signature and make sure that it includes, at a minimum:

First name & last initial
Coach Brand, Model, & Year

** - Location is optional, but it’s helpful to include your “home base” or where you are if you are looking for service, shops, vendors, etc.

Remember, that’s at a minimum. You are more than welcome to include additional info (toad, spouse, pets, etc.) and a picture (max size 200 x 200 pixels) of your coach, etc.

Here’s my sig, as an example:

Scotty Hutto, Webmaster
2006 Monaco Diplomat 40DST / 2017 GMC Canyon Denali / Marietta, GA


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1. In the upper right hand, click on the three little white horizontal stripes (Menu bar)

2. Click on “Account”

3. Click on “Account Settings”

4a. If on a desktop, click on “Signature” on the left menu

4b. If on a tablet or phone, click on the “Settings Area” drop down and select “Signature”

That should get you to the box to change / update your signature.

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