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2004 Diplomat Sony backup camera upgrade

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I have recently purchaced an upgraded camera system (RVCam) for my coach and am getting ready to mount the 2 side cameras, can anyone tell me the position on the side of the coach where you can mount the cameras so you can make a clean penetration though the fiberglass and pass the camera wiring though?

Thanks All

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Side cameras are usually very wide angle so it isn't extremely important where you mount them for side viewability. Temporarily run wires through the window and tape camera to side for a test. Mount them on front cap where convenient to not run into things you can see looking around open generator access.


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Thanks for the assistance, I found positions on both sides of the coach for clean penetrations, was able to find the turn signal wires under the dash to connect the trigger wires, connected everything up and function tested with not problems. Shout out to RVcams, the conversion kit from Sony to Voyager was plug & play, Thanks!!


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