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What do I need to remove to replace the BIRD relay with the LI-BIM225?


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I am in the process of upgrading my ME2012 Magnum inverter with a Victron 3000 watt Powershare inverter (the 12v 3000w 2x120 version).

One of the issues I have is how the BIRD relay will join the house and Chassis batteries when I replace the House batteries with LifePO4 batteries because of the higher resting voltage of these batteries.

I have the LI-BIM225 from battleborn, but want to make sure I modify the system correctly. 

1) I want to keep the ability to get a Boost from the House Batteries (Via the Switch on the dash)

2) I want the functionality for the alternator to charge both the house and chassis batteries.

3) I want to be able to charge the Chassis Batteries from the Inverter as needed.

Basically I want the new setup to work as if it is  just composed with old Flooded Lead acid batteries,  but with LiFeO4 house batteries.

I have a 2008 Camelot 36PDQ.

I know I need to pull the Big Boy Relay the Li BIM225 will take its place.

I am unsure of what to do with with the several Relays connected to the BIRD Module. (My understanding is that the LI BIM225 has the functionality of the BIRD Module (and the relays???) but I am not fully clear on this.

and am not sure about the role the disconnect relay plays in the system  (from reading the manual, I assume this stays, I believe it is linked to the House or Chassis cutoff switch in the Main Distribution box... am I correct?)


Any enlightenment you can provide on the proper replacement method would be appreciated.

John Crowder

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Several of the Monaco owners are replacing the Intellitec Big Boy system with the Blue Sea ML-ACR.  

The ML-ACR is guaranteed for life and with the addition of a new wire will operate perfectly.  

Links: https://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/replace-big-boy-with-blue-sea-ml-acr-468617.html


I guess you've already read the cautions on charging lithium batteries with your alternator.  

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I installed the Bluesea MR-ACR on my Windsor, there is a link above to the post.

I removed the Isolation Solenoid (similar to a BigBoy), the BIRD, and the Lambert 415 maintainer. 

I mounted the Bluesea in the same place as the Isolation Solenoid, the wires were plenty long enough.  The Bluesea that I installed also had a switch that replaced the boost switch on the dash but I needed an extra wire to make that work.  Never could find one so I ran a group of five extra wires front to back and only used one.  The switch gives me the ability to have it ON/OFF/Auto. 

This was one of the best upgrades i did. 

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vito.a, jacwjames, 

I looked at the Blue Sea product and it looks like a good replacement for the system. I didn't see anything that said it was setup to work with Flooded lead acid chassis and LiFePO4 house batteries. I think this is a replacement/upgrade if you are staying with Lead Acid/AGM on both house and chassis battery banks.

It does look like an upgrade though!

Thanks for the info.

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