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Fuel Cap

Patrick R

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I went vented, non-locking. 

If its a plastic style like my '01 Dip... Gates 31615D should be your non-locking part number. Amazon, or Auto Parts Stores.

Should be able to cross that number into a locking equivalent.

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49 minutes ago, Georgia Mike said:

I would like to get a locking fuel cap as well for my Dynasty. Only one of the bay doors on both sides of the fuel tank lock. Has anyone found a locking cap for these tanks?

I believe they make locking covers for your fuel caps. They go over your cap and just spin unless you unlock it and take it off. The ones I see are kind of pricey.

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Just replaced the caps on my 03 HR Neptune and used Autozone Duralast #5791.  $18.01 each and seems to work well.  Problem is they are not keyed the same and also use a different keyway.  I color coded them so I know which is which.


Dale N 03 Neptune

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On 3/11/2022 at 7:51 AM, Patrick R said:

Hello, I am wanting to install a locking fuel cap on my 2001 Diplomat LE. Does anyone know if I need an unvented or vented cap?

Patrick, a photo of what you have now would help us to determine if you have a vented or non-vented fuel cap. You don't want to replace a non-vented cap with a vented one otherwise you will possibly have diesel flowing out of the vents someday.

The brass caps on my fuel tank are non-vented and non-locking.

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