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can not turn off these lights

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Was not sure where to post this. Have never experienced this before. We moved to a new location today and as the sun went down I noticed these map lights were on. Normally on and off for them is by pushing up. The lights are located over the front tv above the dash. Now the lights are on and remain on. If one pushes up the light goes out for a second and then on again. I have checked all the front or console switches, the key positions, etc and nothing seams to turn them off. We are on shore power so that is not an issue for now but the halogen light fixtures are very hot. Any suggestions?

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Thanks all. Frank Beragamo you were the winner. When I could not pull the bulbs without extensive work (another story for another time). I went back and did my steps all over. turned out I had turned the head light switch too far and that had turned on these lights bypassing the push button switch. Did not know that was a thing. Shows we learn something different every day.

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