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Filter count and what's this....

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Just finished changing what I believe to be every filter in our 2002 Dynasty with 63,000 miles.

My total is 15 filters and a lot of time, money and fluids!! But hey, I saved a bunch of 💰. What is your count?

We bought this late last year and since the records were incomplete figured I would err on the side of caution. Hence, change em all...

While I was putting in new water filters in the mechanical bay off of the main bay I noticed something I don't recognize. Hard for me to admit because I thought I knew everything. 😔

It is on the driver side, a metal or heavy plastic tank, about 18 x 24 x 12 high (guessing) a large pump ?? assembly that looks brass sitting on too of it. Meant to take a picture but forgot. I'm sure someone here will know but I can't figure it out.

Thinking the mane was a "Glen******" something C7.

Any ideas?

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I believe it’s your accumulator tank the one on mine is blue I actually just replaced it a few months ago it helps to keep water pressure in your system if it’s what I’m thinking it is.


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It could be but this is a large unit, taking up most of the drivers side of the water bay. I think the accumulator is the small roundish blue tank near the hot water tank...

Again, could be wrong

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Thanks Frank, that's it! It had me stumped. Looked like it held fluid from the back...

Below is what I have done, don't think I missed any.

2 fuel
Engine air
Air dryer
2 water filters
2 transmission
Gen air
2 Gen fuel
3 hydraulic

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As Frank has stated it is the Glendinning Cablemaster Power Cord System that collets your cord into a circular bin using a cord type of system to bring the cord into the coach. It is an "assist" type system whereas you may have to help it along in either direction.

The 2006 Dynasty I just purchased has one, but it has to collect the cord up through the bottom of the coach first then into a large PVC pipe which is slanted upwards before it goes through the PINCH rollers and finally coiled up down into the bin. I think that specific method that they developed may work better if the entire cord is removed each time and then wrapped up into the bin. That will remove any possible "cord coil" or kinks that has been set into the cord.

My 2002 Windsor also has one but there is no bin just the Cablemaster which collects the cable into an empty compartment corner of the coach at the driver's side rear corner. I find that one works SO much better than the one in the Dynasty that has to pile up the cord into this small bin.

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