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Thetford Tecma Toilet Level Indicators.......on the Gray Tank??


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Chasing a water leak and came across the following.  We have a bath and 1/2 model and I was perplexed why one toilet would show red on the flush panel while the other would be showing green.  Well if one toilets sensors are on the gray tank and one are on the black tank......this might be the reason!

Hard to see in the picture, the second yellow mid-tank sensor as its covered by electric tape.  The black tank in on the right, with one set of sensors and the gray tank is on the left with the other set of sensors.

Both sets of sensors should be mounted on the black tank...............must have been a new guy working the line that day. 

Surprised this wasn't caught, as you might have noticed they have replaced the house system level indicators on the black tank..

Anyone have any experience with removing and replacing these sensors?

I'm going to contact Thetford for their recommendations for relocating the sensors from the gray tank.





Thetford Level Sensors.jpg

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I moved one of mine because it showed yellow far too quickly. As I recall a gentle slow prying action took it off. Some double sided tape to put it back on and all has been well.

Of course getting to the sensors would have been a major chore if not for the serious overhaul of the wet bay. The plastic is all gone and a flat aluminum plate covered with some nice stuff allows me to remove it with four bolts and while at it the switches were replaced and rearranged as well as turning the shower faucet over. 

The hose reel now spools the hose directly down through the hole in the floor as it should have. 

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Thanks Myron, my primary concern is to make sure we I don't affect the function of the sensor with the adhesive. 

Spoke with Thetford today, they confirmed that two sided tape was the way to go.  The sensors removed easily, got them cleaned up and re-installed on the (proper) black tank. Tidied up the wires and good to go! Pun intended......

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