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Auto Level system flashing lights and alarm sounding.

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06 Monaco; Turned ign key to ACC and all jacks immediately retracted and all panel lights started flashing and alarm sounds. Alarm and flashing panel lights stay on even after air pressure is up and engine is running. 
I’ve checked all 15amp fusses, fluid level seems okay but lights and alarm won’t go out. In the past low fluid level has just cause alarm only. 
any suggestions?

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When we first bought our MH, turning on the key to run would retract the jacks if they were down. I replaced my Nason parking brake switch as it started alarming all the time. Now I can start my engine without the jacks coming up. I was warming up the engine to check transmission level with the MH jacks down. Going into drive to warm the engine created all sorts of alarms until the jacks were fully up. I did a write up on changing the parking brake switch and it has the least expensive source I found to purchase the switch.

Some Power Gear jacks have grease zerks. The manual states they should be greased every 20 cycles of the jacks or so. My jacks were not coming up while on a long trip. Read the manual, two squirts of grease in each jack, rotating the pads while returning them to the original orientation and I now have full retraction. Then I adjusted fluid level so that float switch in reservoir closed the circuit and no longer have any jack issues.

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Mine does it occasionally due to low Hydraulic oil in the tank above the pump.  I have a slow leak and I have to fill it up once a year.  Check the level, there is a fill line.  Also double check your jacks are completely retracted.  Mine start when the RV rocks sideways in parking lots driving slow or going up or down steep hills... I guess the sensor detects low fluid.



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