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  1. We plan to be there along with a few others we have heard from. Hopefully it won’t get cancelled. The Monaco group has a standard location at LaPosa South. Drifter usually posts a thread on IRV2 in the Monaco section. We hope to see you there. Roy
  2. I got mine off Amazon. I found the cracks right before leaving for Quartzsite so I needed it in a hurry.
  3. I had a similar problem. Not until I pulled the inner dome out did I see the cracks in the outer dome from the inside looking out. I could not see them from the outside. That was my leak.
  4. Dollar stores in our area stopped carrying the gallons. Not sure why.
  5. I use LA Simply Awesome that I get at Dollar store. I put it in a pump sprayer and spray the engine, drive shaft, etc. Let it sit a few minutes and rinse with water. It is the best grease cutter I have seen. Better than gunk, simple green or any of the other degreasing detergents I have tried. And it’s cheap. Thanks to Harry M (AzHappycarz). It is also good as a laundry degreaser and will remove grease stains from your clothes.
  6. I use a putty knife heated with a propane torch. I have stripped a bunch of dichor, eternabond and tar tape with this method. Of course, some may prefer a heat gun over an open flame but I haven’t had any problems. I was shown this technique by a seasoned rv service tech. It’s fast and will get you down to a surface clean enough for new dichor or eternabond tape. You don’t have to clean dichor or eternabond residue completely off. The old tar tape surface will need to be cleaned with solvent to remove tar residue which will smear. I’ve used acetone and lacquer thinner for this. Just be sure to
  7. It’s pretty easy to wire in a led light into the existing handle. You can drill a hole just under the handle bracket and wire it into the step and porch light. The connector is in the console on the other side of the wall. I also found wired led on Amazon that clipped into the handle. Very inexpensive.
  8. You might have water entering the wall along the upper beltline due to rusted/ broken fasteners. I had a similar problem in my coach.
  9. Rick, On my 07 Diplomat it was my solar panels causing the alt fail chime. The 6v relay is located on the aft wall of the left front bay to the right of the front run panel. I think you will find the fuse in the panel. My chime is behind the dash in front of the driver. Roy
  10. That sounds pretty extreme. Maybe something got jammed into the wiper or wrapped around the rod. With the seals and wear rings there shouldn’t be any metal to metal contact in normal operation, unless the rod is bent.
  11. Scotty, That’s unfortunate. I think when I checked, these jacks were in the $700-1,000 range. The rod (I think that’s what you mean) is not a complicated part. Someone with access to a lathe, welder and a piece of hydraulic rod could make a new one. Although if you had to pay his wages, it may not be cost effective. I for one would be interested in hearing how it got scored. Perhaps foreign material got under the wiper? The duty cycle on these cylinders is so low, it’s hard to believe it wore out. Good luck with your repair. Regards, Roy
  12. You can rebuild these jacks fairly easily if you are inclined to do so. If the rod is not scored all you will need to do is replace the seals and maybe the wear ring. You can disassemble the jack by unscrewing the bottom with a chain wrench after heating it with a propane torch to release the loctite. Check out the Power Gear web site for instructions and part numbers for parts kits. Their instructions are good. Alternatively, you can disassemble your jack and take the seals to a hydraulic parts shop. They can match them up. Also, if you are on IRV2, I posted a white paper I wrote a coupl
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