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Windshield Leaks-Drip Molding

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Chasing a few small leaks from the top edge of the windshield.  Upon inspection the windshield has a drip edge molding installed above and attached to the windshield seal that runs across the top and down each side of the windshield about 12-15 inches.  It appears that it is supposed to be glued/attached to the body and has become detached in several places.  See the pictures below. 

I would like to remove to clean and reseal, however the bond of the drip molding to the windshield seal is intact and pretty strong.   Anyone know how the drip molding is attached to the windshield seal?  Is that a special adhesive?

Anyone ever reattached or replaced the drip molding?

Should I just clean the detached areas the best I can and reseal with some black silicone?

Any insight is greatly appreciated!





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We had our windshield replaced and the installer sealed the rubber seal with a black polyurethane.  It will work much better than caulk and is what the professionals use. You can purchase it on amazon or any place that install windshields.  It can also be used to reattach the drip molding.  God Bless, Ed & Sylvia




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When my windshield was replaced, Coach Glass sent me tubes of Bostic Windshield Adhesive. Black and remains rubbery. That's what I used for that area few years ago, no problems. It really just functions as a gutter. Make sure your drip is not from the marker lights because the windshield gasket should not let anything in regardless of the drip trim.

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Thanks for the tips.  The fun part will be cleaning out the area as it has acted as a nice trap for dirt and debris! 

Don't believe the marker lights are an issue, they have been fully siliconed.  If the leak persists after I clean and reseal the drip rail, I'll take a closer look at the marker lights.  

I'm assuming the windshield installers used the urethane to attach the drip rail to the windshield seal?

Thanks all!



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