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Solar Power


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I have four solar panels on my 2004 Monaco Executive.  I have not used them since I had the coach 5 years ago. 

I am now venturing into getting them to work.   So far, I found that I have a Blue Sky Solar Boost 3024iL controller. 

When I checked the battery box I found a black cable connected to the wall and a red cable but it is not connected to anything.   The red cable was two pieces.  I believe because a fuse goes into the glass .  Picture attached. 

I was wondering if I replaced the cable and attached it to the battery if it would work. 

Any recommendations or suggestions?







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Even if it does work, it won't work the way it should. It will suffer from what most systems do: Too far between controller and batteries and under sized conductor. Are the 4 panels wired series/parallel?

Will most likely keep house batteries charged with no or little load. No telling if it will do anything for the starting batteries.

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Hi Ronald, 


I would be skeptical of replacing the fuse then “calling it good.” There may be more issues than just a missing fuse and if it were me- I would not just replace the fuse, I would start troubleshooting. My suspicion is this:

1.  The previous owner had issues with it blowing, and never had the system serviced/repaired after the fuse blew, and most likely why it is missing. 


2. One of the panels may have shorted or had a lightning strike within close proximity and blew more than the basement fuse.  

Have you been on the roof to check for other blown fuses and asses the MC4 connectors, neg/pos cables and combiner box? There is a lot more to do prior to just replacing a fuse. 🙂 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please DM me, I would be happy to help. 



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It's time to get out the voltmeter and start checking.  First (because it's easy to access) see if voltage is getting to the solar charge controller.  If it is, the check the wire going to that large fuse holder.  If good there, then I think you need a new fuse holder as well as new fuse.  

If you don't have power at the charge controller, then its time to get on the roof and start checking connectors up there.  

Good luck!

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6 hours ago, vito.a said:

It's time to get out the voltmeter and start checking.

^This. It's very easy to check with a voltmeter. I like to start at the top and work my way down. I'd check each panels output so you know how the system is wired etc. Very easy, pretty much can't screw it up 🙂 By the time you're done that quick check, you'll be fluent in it and know exactly where the issues are. 

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