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I upgraded my Air Conditioners and I am selling the 5-button Dometic Comfort Control, asking $35.00 plus shipping. Duo Therm  Control Box 3109226.005 asking $55.00 plus shipping. Power Module Board Conversion Kit 3313107.107, asking $60.00 plus shipping.  All in good working condition. Since they are electric/electronic there are no returns. Thank you






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22 hours ago, Soybean said:

I would like the Duo Therm  Control Box 3109226.005 if still available 

thanks Roger

Roger, my name is Jim Clendenon I’m the one that purchased all of these items, my forward A/C is out I’m hopping the the circuit board corrects the problem, if so I may not need the control box I’ll know in a few days if so would you still be interested in same???

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