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Wiper Style Change: 2004 Signature vs, 2005 Signature

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I am still working with my wiper issues and next week I hope to post the resolution to my post about a retro upgrade kit for my 2004 Signature.
Meanwhile, I noticed that the wiper arm style was changed quite a bit from the 2004 to the 2005.
It looks to me like the 2005 is a far better wiper and may fit on the 2004.
Any opinions or thoughts on this?
Here are pictures of 2004, 2005 and 2006 Signatures:


2004 Signature


2005 Signature


2006 Signature


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Yes.  They changed the entire front for 2005, added the side hinged basement doors, and Intellitec multiplex.  Then in 2006 they raised the entire roof line to incorporate the awnings.  

I'm interested in how your wiper system works out.  

You could move to AZ and you wouldn't worry about the wipers.  

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I take it you are from Arizona.

Me too. I was born in Tucson but left before the 1st grade. Went back in 1985 to 1989 but the construction economy in Tucson went flat so we high tailed it to Virginia.
I will keep everyone posted on how this potential change from 2004 style to 2005 style works. As a result of my internet searches, I have seen several posts about the bad aero dynamics of 32" wipers. The answer for some is to switch to 28" wiper blades which should be simple and use the existing wiper arms. The 05 Signature wiper arm looks better for aero dynamics, but I am only speculating.
I see that WEXCO makes great claims about aero dynamics for Class A large wipers. Sure wish I could figure that one out for my 2004 Signature.



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We have a 2005 Exec, and I think it has at least similar wiper arms to the 2005 Sig. I haven’t had major issues with the wiper arms themselves, and they seem to work well in most windy conditions. Once in a while, a large blast from an oncoming semi will shake them during one cycle, but they seem to take it in stride.

I did change from 32” to 28” blades, but that was more for availability than wind control. I’ve found that the 28s are more than adequate. I’ve been getting blades from Walmart for years, usually about $10-12 each (assume more these days).

I have had issues with the arms, particularly the passenger side one, coming loose at the retaining bolt while in use. Once that happens, the arm will stop moving for a bit, then just swing down across the front cap. Once that happens a few times, the soft metal spline tends to get smoothed out, increasing the potential for future slippage. I generally change the wiper blades every other year, and I’ve added “Tighten wiper bolts” to my maintenance checklist for when the blades get changed, since I’m already standing there with sockets anyway. I did put a couple of drops of Loctite Blue on the spline and bolts, and touch up when needed.

All that said, the biggest issue I have with this system is the way Monaco installed the washer hoses, which are routed through the arms to nozzles mid-blade. They used straight thru-bulkhead metal (at least not plastic) barbed fittings as opposed to 90° ones. As a result, when the wipers are on, there is torsional or rotational pressure at the barbed fittings, not natural flex for the hoses. My hoses have cracked or broken off more times than I can count right at the barbed fittings. I’ve essentially given up at this point and left the hoses disconnected. I haven’t found replacement fittings; I’d prefer 90° ones that actually swivel but probably could live with ones that don’t. I’ve even thought about fixed spray heads that would mount in place of the barbed fittings, but I don’t think they are in the right location.

I’ve also probably given this too much thought for something that’s so far down on the priority list that it may never get addressed… 😂

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I also went with 28" blades simply because I refuse to pay their horrendous price for something I hardly use and 28" works just fine. Since that changeover, I only replace the rubber insert because my blade frame is bolted to the arm, easier that way.

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Thanks for the long and detailed reply. That is exactly what I needed.
I had the same problem with the nut holding the wiper arm on. However, when mine gave out, the spline attaching to the pivot was stripped out totally which meant that I had to replace the wiper arm. I did not think I would ever be able to track down a replacement wiper arm but finally did. It should arrive next Wednesday. I hope it fits on pivot. I was thinking that Blue Loctite was in order so that was good to hear your thoughts on that. I will be sure to torque it correctly and check every now and then. My washer hoses work fine but they are useless in the spray they put out. Hardly cleans anything at all no matter how I adjust them. I see wiper hose wet kits advertised so I was going to look at replacing mine to get something that sprays correctly.
I sent Wexco https://www.wexcoind.com/ an email contact to see what they have for aero dynamic wet wipers that may fit my Signature. My thinking is that by keeping my existing wiper arms I may be able to make a pair of their high-tech wipers work.
Are the 2005 Exec wiper arms still available? It looks like the same arm works on the 2006 but I do not know how far forward Monaco used the 2005/2006 style. If they kept using that style, the availability may be better. It is a distinctly different style than the 2004. However, my research indicates that the 2005 uses the same pivot as my 2004. However, my 2004 uses a different pivot for the for each side while your 2005 only lists one style pivot for both sides.
If I find out anything meaningful, I will be sure to post it.

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