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Skylight in Shower

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The skylight in our 2005 Monaco Dynasty was broken in a hailstorm. The original skylight had an inner and outer sections. The outer section was the only one broken.

we just got our coach back from the service shop and to my surprise, there is only one thickness of skylight.

please advise it there is a replacement skylight that has both inner and outer sections.

The service shop is saying that the old style, with inner and outer sections is no longer available.

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I just completed my installation of a new Lexan shower skylight (2000 Monaco Signature). Mine had both inner and outer but both were cracked. I spoke with the service people at EZ Tops. They said that most simply leave out the inner liner if it is damaged in any way. They could make an inner bubble slightly smaller than the outer one but the cost was double a single skylight. The Lexan bubble is supposed to be near unbreakable. (copied from a polycarbonate web site; Lexan is the strongest and can withstand impacts to such a degree that it won't crack. Instead, it displays resistance by bending. Plexiglass is still quite strong, but it may crack or chip, given enough time or impact. That's because it's a little less rigid than Lexan.) EZ Tops can custom make any size or shape skylight. I recommend SureBond SB140 Butyl Skylight Sealant when installing to ensure a flexible bond.

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I could not find an inner "bubble" for my 2000 Dynasty.  Replaced it with a flat sheet of polycarbonate.  That was probably eight years ago and no problems since.

I do think that screwing the polycarbonate directly to the roof structure, without any reinforcement was a poor design.  I welded together an aluminum reinforcement frame the size of the outer dimensions of the "bubble", and screwed to the roof using that.  I also did the same procedure on the 1993 Dynasty.  I can't find pix of the 2000 "neo-angle" installation, but attached is a pix of the installation on the 1993.

As others have said, be SURE to use a sealant approved for polycarbonate.  I found that out the hard way, and had to replace the first one after about a year when tiny cracks began to spread from the area of the sealant.



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Replaced mine on my 97 Dynasty. Replacement was smoke colored and not as thick or dark as my old one. Hardest part was removing the old sealant. Used lap sealant for the new one. No problems.  Cheapest I found was $220 from Dallas TX. Good luck.

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