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Sliding window

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WOW…..that is long.  Google Duncan Systems.  Duncan is part of RV glass….which is part of Lippert.  They were (are?) based in Elkhart.  I had the “same” window or the drivers side glass take a BB.  Shattered it as it is Dual Pane Tempered.  I chased them down, after a LONG “research trip”.  They have all the prints on the original glass for Monaco as well as the prints and usage and such for every model they supplied….by brand, model, length, designation, etc.  They supplied me with three new panes.  They then rebuilt my old frame, cannot recall if they installed new gaskets and such.  I waited around for an hour or so and sort of “watched” the two Hispanic techs disassemble and then replace the panes and “whack it back together”. Whack is a understatement.  They had to do some pushing and prodding and banging and beating to get it functional.  It was a three pane affair.  One side fixed and the other two…one fixed and one sliding.  But it worked.  That was in 2018. So I have the EXACT wondow….OEM.

They have service centers in Florida and maybe the West.  They will let you ship one in and refurbish it.  Call them…..tell them your issues….they might offer some help…

Others have posted.  I also talked to RV Glass Solutions.  They have a website RVGlassExperts and have 4 locations.  Oregon, Arizona. Florida and Indiana.  They would have been my SECOND or alternative.  They cut and fit windshield safety glass to replace the stress cracked tempered….and they can do repairs to the frames also.  Probably a better resource than Duncan, but you NEVER know…

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https://rvglassexperts.com/    C & P off of thier web site today.



You love your life on the road, exploring all the nooks and crannies this country has to offer. We get it. That’s why we pride ourselves in developing a network of solid RV windshield replacement experts to take care of you – just about anywhere you roam. We additionally have four expanded service locations offering laminated RV windows with a lifetime warranty.

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