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Need new shower plexiglass inner and exterior cover


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Does anyone have or can point me in the direction of a "set" of shower plexiglass (or whatever they are made of) roof shower skylight covers,inner and outer covers. Mine currently have the bronze roof and the clear inner pieces. I need them for a standard 2000 Monaco Dynasty PBD shower stall (no tub feature). REV says unavailable and due to age will not restock. 




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Hi Tim;

I looked into replacing mine at one point for my 2000 Diplomat and a company in Canada, I believe, made them. They had every sort of skylight you can think of. How about that, after all these years I even found the link. I would talk to these people;

EZ Tops World Wide Inc

Pretty sure you can get them there as they make them....

According to their site, free shipping to mainland USA?? And their prices are in CAD so you can benefit from that as well...

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