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275/70 22.5 tires?

bret trickett

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I went out to get new tires for my 2005 Diplomat 40pdq
After reading here and on facebook it sounds like the TOYO M144 are the go to for most.

So went to my local store and asked for them.
So long story short TOYO do not make 275/70  22.5  in the M144. (They came back with the M320Z around $500)
What is everyone doing using a different size?
Thanks for the inputs 🙂

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Your dealer is correct about the M144. I’m not sure of the reason, but since the last time I purchased tires (just over 5 years ago), they’ve reduced the number of sizes that they offer the M144. We called Toyo and confirmed they don’t offer that tire in my size any longer  

I just put new tires all the way around and used the Toyo M154 295/75R22.5 all around on my 2006 Dip. It took about 2 weeks for the tire shop to get them. I paid right at $550/ea installed with all the fees and taxes. 

This is my second set of Toyos. I put about 40,000 miles over five years with no issues on the previous set.  The M154 seems to have a slightly softer sidewall, and the ride seems just a little better than my previous Toyos. Or maybe that’s just my “I spent a boatload on new tires” bias…🤣

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1 hour ago, Paul A. said:


What is the date code on your new tires, and do all 6 have the same date code?

Manufactured December 2021, so a little over four months old when I purchased them. All six have the same date code. 

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