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Looking for replacement trans oil temp gauge and sending unit

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I have seen the brand of gauges used on HRs in the early 2000's either here or on IRV2 but I can not seem to find it. My trans oil temp gauge (140-320 deg F) does not return to the 140 when testing and goes way past the 320. Temp sensor has about 3k ohms, much is more than it should. Looking for a 2" chrome bezel gauge black face, white numbers with matching 1/8" NPT sensor. Has anybody found a decent replacement? My Aladdin seems to read correctly from ambient up to the 200 deg F range when climbing steep hills.

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no adjustment on rear, looking thru light port, there is a SS housing inside with but nothing that could be adjusted. back of housing does not come off. guessing the bezel has to be cut off. thanks for the link to the repair site. requested a quote for repair. some of the truck shops list a sender for this temperature range, I may go ahead and purchase one. their gauges just don't have the same bezel and face.

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