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Will a Detroit Series 60 fit into a Monaco Executive?

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Monaco offered the Detroit Series 60 in the Signature starting in 2004 and the Executive and Navigator in 2005.  This was a very expensive option ($24-26k) when new but there are usually some for sale on the used market. 

To retrofit a Series 60 to a 97 coach would be difficult and expensive.  The Detroit is computer controlled as is the Allison MH4000 mated to it.   A swap would require the ECU for both the engine and trans plus all the wire harnesses.  Wiring and setting up the throttle and cruise control would be a huge task.  The Detroit 60 is heavier than the M11 so the rear axle without a tag would be overloaded.  

Your best path would be to search for a good used coach with the Detroit.  

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