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UV-C sanitizing bulb for Dometic


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After noticing some mold growing in the corner of my fridge, I washed and sprayed everything in there down with bleach water. I was thinking if I could add a UV strip or replace the door ajar bulb with a UV unit. Has anyone done this? What "size" is the dometic bulb anyway?

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Do you fulltime?  If so, then it might be advantageous.  Most FOLKS do NOT leave their Dometics (nor Norcold) on in storage....due to the FIRE Danger....more of a Norcold issue....but leaving it on if you only occassionally use it will shorten the life.

You need to look inside your Dometic and find the plate info and the model number.  Then do a cross reference to the part numbers listed.  On the newer SbS Monaco's, they installed the Dometic 1402.  That is NOT included in the Amazon copy. The 1402 was an upgrade that was out maybe in 2007....

From a practical standpoint, if you don't fulltime, then the frequency of use or ON to "disinfect" would be minimal. Therefore the light or UV-C bulb would not be on much.  Bacteria or fungus would be out of control....so this would not help.  BUT, if you left the door open....and the bulb was on....but the refer was OFF, then it MIGHT help kill any such. BUT....that would also drain power from the House Batteries.....unless you were on Shore in storage and had power.

The recommended way to control algae, mold, fungus in a refrigerator is to wipe or disinfect the interior and then leave the Refer OPEN so that air can circulate.  When did you last clean the interior?  Once you clean it up and eliminate the source, assuming you leave it on or are living in it, then I'd see how quickly it comes back. This bulb does not have exactly what I would call "a good reputation"....

Without knowing your situation and usage, I don't know of a good answer or way of trying to answer your inquiry.   Your profile does not give any information on your usage of the MH.

Hope this helps with some "questions" to consider...


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The "2852" is the model.  It is a 2014, so someone has already replaced it.....since it is a 1999.  It MIGHT FIT....as Dometic lists a 2850....but I haven't a clue as to a RM 2850 vs a RM 2852.  Might be an Icemaker option.  You can google that.

BUT, Since you have cleaned up the inside, then I, personally, would rock on.  The secret, in case you are not familiar with the Dometics and the Norcolds is to leave some room for FREE AIR Circulation.  You might want to look at how you ordinarily load it.  Also, some folks let meat "drip" and the blood/fluid is highly susceptable to bacteria and mold.  

My personal feeling.  When you open the door....and the light comes on.....how much or what volume of air is gonna be sanitized.  NOW....if you had a special circuit....that kept it on....while the door was closed....or on a timer....then it would/might help.  

If it were available for my previous Dometic 1402, I would not install one as I don't really understand how it helps....

That's my opinion.

You have to do the research.  Google articles on "Reducing Fungus and Mold and Bacteria growth in Refrigerators....

Good Luck...

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Humans, bugs and pets, etc are not supposed to be exposed to UV-C light, your eyes will suffer with very short direct exposure.  So, for the light to do any good in a refrigerator, it would need to be on when the door is closed.  As far as I know, most refrig lights come on only when the door is open.  If you can get the UV-C light to be on inside the closed refrig, and turn off when the frig is opened, it would probably work.  I use them in my home A/C unit and in my MH while parked and un occupied.  Gives the interior a nice "glow" as seen from the outside.  (I control the light from the outside)



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