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Engine over heating

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I hope I can post. 
driving down highway, I hit a deer on the drivers side.  Just nick his mouth. No damage done on body. But I started to get messages: 1 stop engine 2 coolant temperature is high. Then it would go to normal and all lights off. Drive some more and the same thing happens. Can my thermostat be stuck. I don’t believe the deer went under my motorhome. I haven’t found any water or antifreeze on ground   Any help

john f 2009 Monaco Camelot kfq 


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My engine isn't overheating but I just got a look at the CAC and radiator fins from the inside of the engine compartment.  The fins were very "fuzzy" with dirt being pushed into the fins from the fan.  Very ugly.  Looks like a good cleaning is ahead of me.   I'm a Simple Green fan (because I already have it) but if there's a much better cleaner somebody speak up.  And now back to our program . . . .

As for the OP I might do a close inspection around the ECM as it's in the front left run bay, but for anything to be jostled I'd expect a lot of cosmetic damage. 

- bob

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