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Help with air brake parts and Air Force One

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Hello everyone,

I have a 2000 Dynasty 36’. And I am installing the Air Force One braking system.

Ok I am a bit confused…

I need to identify a metered air connection and a supply air connection. The manual just says Roadmasters are like Freightliners…

Part of my problem is I don’t know what the parts under my rig are and what they do. Also, I remember seeing an air diagram of a 2000 Monaco somewhere? Any idea where it is?

I took the following photos (from the ground), can you please help me identify the parts (what they are called and what they do).

1st photo - there are two of these.A9647637-2B0B-419E-B68D-C15C627BBF2D.thumb.jpeg.1d1c47188d8b059fb95e1c7efa5505d2.jpeg


2nd photo - there are two of these in the photo(right next to each other).



3rd photo - only one of These.



Thank you for your help!

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I had taken pictures of my connection several years ago to have on file.  I did not make these connections, I had the quick connect mounted near the hitch when I purchased the rig.  First picture is zoomed in showing where the brake line is connected, it is the clean black tubing.  Second picture is zoomed out showing the main components of the braking system.  You may have similar components to be able to figure out where to hook to.


Brake line connection.JPG

Brake components located toward rear of chassis.JPG

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