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07 Diplomat - No storage lights and no display on EMS.

Coach J

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Your EMS display requires both 12 VDC power and 120 VAC power. The storage lights are 12 VDC power. So, I would start troubleshooting why you have no 12 VDC power FIRST.

There are a myriad of reasons why, so you have to start at the batteries and work your way forward. Make sure you have a good working DVOM meter.

Bad batteries

Bad grounds

Defective Battery Cut-Off Switch

Defective Battery Isolator Relay Solenoid and the list goes on and on.

Then for no 120 VAC power you have many places to look at.

Bad power receptacle

Bad power supply cord

Bad transfer switch

These are just a few of the reasons. 

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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to 07 Diplomat - No storage lights and no display on EMS.

FIRST....NOT knowing your electrical system knowledge of the MH.....do this.

You ARE Plugged into some type of SHORE....either 50 or 30 amp.  NOW....look at your Inverter Remote panel. You should see "Charging" or something like that.  IF you see  INVERTING.....The Charger SHOULD be on.  If it is....then you will have AC power for the Microwave. All your "lights" are DC powered and come off the House Bank.  If you have a BAD Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) you could have an issue. 

NOW....again, NOT talking down to you.  Your 07 Diplomat was equipped with an ATS that has proven to fail and is a FIRE HAZARD.  It needs to be REMOVED and a new ATS installed.  MAKE A NOTE OF THIS.  FIND the ATS.  It is a Black or Gray Box and and has IOTA 50R on it.  If you STILL have that....and it will have THREE large Cables (Gray probably) going into it.....that is a FIRE HAZARD and ARRANGE TO GET IT REPLACED IMMEDIATELY.  Will give you the recommended replacement later...

IF you are sure you have AC power.....then Go to the House Distribution Fuse panel (look in manual for location).  The EMS is probably (definitely?) powered there.  Check the legend (list) of fuses.  It will PROBABLY not be labeled.  Use a Fuse Tester or a VOM and check the fuses.  Looking at them is sometimes "FUTILE" as they blow and you can't see it.  On page 164, there is a diagram showing the various fuses....most are 15 amp.  Fuse 14 would be the FIRST one to look at....  BUT, with Monaco, you NEVER know.....  Odds are....ONE of them is the culprit.  

NOW....there is ONE other fuse.  KILL the AC power (unplug) and trip the Generator's circuit breaker).  Pull off the cover of the main 50 Amp AC panel.  The EMS brain (printed circuit board) is on the RIGHT side.  There are THREE pigtails or connectors (memory).  There is a small 3 amp fuse there.  BUT, this is PROBABLY OK....read on...

I assume by STORAGE you mean the Lights in the Storage Bay area.  If you have TWO know circuit failures.....the EMS and a Lighting Circuit then that is one of the HOUSE fuses....The diagram does NOT show BAY Lights....

If you don't have a VOM, then the sure way is to pull a FUSE from a KNOWN good Circuit.....then start swapping it in to the others.  If that doesn't correct the problem....then odds are, when you put that fuse into the problem circuit....it BLEW the fuse.  

That's as much as we can help....

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