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RR10S / 10-S Front Disc Rotor & Pad Replacement

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ISO part #'s for front rotors & pads for the RR10S chassis. We recently bought an ’06 Monaco Executive Rainier IV 500HP where the previous owner must have been a bit brake happy. I have the parts for the rear, but am needing some help sourcing front rotors and pads. The data card shows the front axle is a Spicer E1462W. I’ve searched but haven’t found a part # for the S-10. Does anyone have this handy? Thanks in advance!


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I have the same front end on mine. This is a parts list I found on IRV2 when I was converting my hubs to oil bath from grease. Sorry I don't remember who put it together or I would give them credit. My brakes are Bendix (dana-spicer) ESD-225. I'm surprised your brakes are that bad. My rotors had some cracks in them but were all with in the allowable spec. My brake pads looked like new (85,000 miles on coach).  



Copy of Front Axel, hub and brake part numbers.jpg

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