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Thetford Aria Delux II toilet Issues

Rick A
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I had endless problems with the electronic box. Bought a new one, followed the instructions to the letter and it melted on the first use! Man was I angry! I decided to do my thing. I tracked the wires and put in a $25 reverse polarity momentary switch (6 terminals) wired it so push back it opens and push forward it closes. Just hold down, count to 2 release either way. Cut out all that nonsense for ever! The bonus is the switch fits snuggly into the hole and I put a push button on a bracket for the water sprayer, which must be held down to release water. 




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The OE switch Photo 1 is mounted on the back. I found 2 hole in the bowl so I used plastic dry wall (cork screw type) inserts and bolted a Right angle channel as per Photo 1. The bowl is Photo 2 and Photo 3 . The Main back and forward Switch fits  snugly into the hole and I will silicone it in so it’s “cool” looking and pro. Wiring this Switch was simple.   lugs for power. Lugs are wired in an X configuration.  Cost was $18 switch and $8 push button plus a few connectors and some wire. 




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Glad that you were able to put together a simple solution to your problem. Good job!

The factory installed Thetford Aria Toilet that came with my previous Windsor coach according to the original owner had to be replaced under warranty 3 times prior to purchasing the coach from them in 2003. The third install was the Aria II.

In the next 7 years I had to replace the valve slide/motor mechanism three different times. Removing the toilet each time to do that got REAL old after the third time. Plus, every time we used the toilet it sounded like a farmer's thrashing machine. So, in my opinion they are only good for ONE thing, a boat anchor.

Purchased a Seland Magnum Opus in 2010 and installed that before leaving for Alaska. That toilet has worked flawlessly for the following 12 years and is still working great for the new owners of my Windsor.


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Not really. I had to change out the floor flange for one that fit the Magnum Opus versus the Thetford one which was thicker in height. When I sat the Magnum Opus toilet on the Thetford flange, the base would not touch the floor. I had to cut off the floor flange using a Dremel cutting wheel from the inside. Then I purchased a new floor flange that would fit over the remaining pipe and glued it in place. Once that was done the rest was easy as the water and 12 VDC were already there from the Thetford.

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This toilet worked very well for the 12 years we have had this rig. I’m reluctant to say it was problematic. A big noisy. I doubt it would  have been repaired by the previous owner because he only did 22,000 miles.  It started to malfunction and was irritating while waiting for the replacement control unit that blew up on the fist use! I wired it up EXACTLY as per the instructions. That’s why I decided to create a simpler configuration. I’m pisses with Thetford and pushing for a refund! 

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