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CoachNet Discussion - Sale and Benefits


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I thought that my CoachNet had lapsed and called them yesterday.  The reason was the comment in the $35,000 TOW Topic.  I get a customer service rep that answered all my questions  and I wanted information about what exactly was covered or no covered as the topic of towing has raised a lot of concerns.  I got this back from her immediately after the call.  I am attaching it as well as a synopsis of the Q&A that I did.  So this is a better place to post….

  • Towing.  Yes, CN will not intercede or be involved where there is an accident…..jut like if you go in with a potential (Dog Bite is the number one issue) puncture wound…..there is a certain code that kicks it out and the owner is responsible.  So the $35K tow bill will still be handled between our member and the insurance.  However, if the payment is not honored or there’re issues, CN does have a secondary or potential “Back Up”clause and you contact them for submission.
  • Towing locations or conditions.  CN will winch out a vehicle as long as the tow vehicle(s) can still be on a “normally maintained” roadway.  Private or public.  There is a certain time limit for “winching”, but the concern that CN would not pull out a MH is you bogged down in. Field or a CG.  So, l on gas you don’t get put in a “farm field” then you do have “GET ME OUTTA” here coverage.
  • The towing restrictions also apply to trailers or towed vehicles….the only stipulation is that the vehicle be no more than 40 years old and is NOT an ATV or an “off road” vehicle. That includes farm trailers or livestock or such.  The only caveat…critters must be removed.
  • The fuel, jump start, tire, road service, etc coverage goes with the INDIVIDUAL…..and is not vehicle specific.  So if you or souse or person normally residing in your household need CN services, then any vehicle they are RIDING IN is covered.  I have used this when my daughter’s battery went dead.  
  • They also now have a “hospital bed” relocation service.  If you are in a hospital more than 150 miles from your home or maybe where you would like to recuperate or be treated, they relocate you.  This includes international.  I THINK that the road service is Canadian and US as well.
  • If you have to leave a vehicle or an RV, CN will provide a qualified operator to get your vehicle back home.
  • There were several others aspects of the overage that I was unacquainted with….

I have attached the brochure.  They are also expanding and offering tire and wheel policies,,,,but I didn’t get into that.  I was really impressed….let’s hope it stays that way

Thanks for the update and the article,

Premier Coach (NEW).pdf

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