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Engine Hatch Seals

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I have a 2007 Monaco Camelot 42PDQ. In the rear bedroom and closet are hatches that allow access to the engine area. There are seals under the hatches that are somewhat like the seals around a car door. Because of the heat generated by the engine both seals are hard and do not seal well. Any suggestions on where I can get replacement seals or material to make the seals out of would be greatly appreciated. I am reluctant to simply get seal material from a hardware or auto parts store as I question if it would hold up under the intense heat above the engine.

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When my coach was new, the existing bulb seal was not closing the gap, letting in fumes, heat and soot. I found the below seal, used it on my coach, as well as other coaches that suffered same issue. 

When removing old weatherstrip be sure to use acetone, MEK, or carb spray to remove all the old cellophane plastic adhesive strip. 

Cut four strips to approximate the four sides. Without removing the backing, put them in place after radiusing (sp) corners of the long strips, and butting the other up to the straight edge. Peel off a couple inches of the backing in two spots on each strip and attach.
Place hatch cover in place and snap down. Wait five minutes and remove cover. Now look at the imprint in the dense foam. If you see any area without an imprint correct the position of the foam. 

Once all adjusted peel off all the backing and secure in place, leaving no voids.

You may have to adjust the length of the bolts on the latches to the tighten the lid in position. Loosen the small jam nuts on the bolt and shorten or lengthen as necessary. Tighten the jam nuts. It would be a good idea for anyone reading this to look at their latches, too. The bolts tend loosen.

I find this weather strip to seal superbly and it will last 5 or 6 years.

Click image for larger version  Name: IMG_0980.jpg Views: 21 Size: 77.0 KB ID: 360992


Click image for larger version  Name: IMG_0978.JPG Views: 22 Size: 423.1 KB ID: 360996

Label from box of weatherstripping 

Click image for larger version  Name: IMG_2081.jpg Views: 19 Size: 244.2 KB ID: 360997


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On 2/14/2023 at 11:13 AM, bandmmorris said:

Thanks for all the information. I spoke with Steel Rubber Products and they did not think they had anything they had would withstand the heat. Found something at McMaster that seems like it will work.


Can anyone with experience re. these products post a recommendation?

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