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metal rad connector tubes

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I was thinking of replacing the metal tubes connected to the rad hoses. They are not leaking (yet) and appear to be solid but look bad. I would paint them but would have to drain rad and remove to remove the rust. Disturbing the rubber hoses would probably mean replacing them as well. One of the tubes was welded. Probably built with U bends. The other looks like it might be mandrel bent . Are these just standard exhaust tubing? I did find a company that has stainless tubes. They list some for Monaco Dynasty.  

MOTOR HOME Coolant Tubes | Southpointe Radiator  Probably about $1000 after freight. I have seen ads in trucking magazines for companies that will duplicate your tubes. Not stainless. Any suggestions?



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Stainless looks better and will last longer but is costly and time consuming if you have to get someone to make them for you. I made my own out of mandrel bends and .095 wall tubing. I figured if the originals lasted almost 25 years being mild steel then the ones I made should out last the motorhome.

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12 hours ago, Ray Davis said:

Has anyone ever had one go bad?  I don't recall hearing of one.

On mine the one going to the thermostat housing was about to start leaking just above the 90 degree bend where the clamp secured it to the bracket. The rest of the pipe was solid and I probably wouldn't have noticed the bend when I did if I didn't have to move it to get the oil pan off.

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