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3 hours ago, Mike Farquharson said:

HI 1998 monaco dynasty cummins 8.3 C does not appear to be working am looking for a wiring drawing so I can trouble shoot It .

Looked at the drawings in the down load pages but found nothing.  Thanks


In our download files we have wiring diagrams for a 97 Dynasty.  You should be able to find what you need in that set or one of the other years close to your coach.


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When ours quit working.  It was frozen, took it apart and lubed with Permatex Antiseize.  Permatex has a much higher operating temperature than the pac brake lube.  Put 12 volts to the unit and it worked as it should.  However it would not activate from the foot switch on the floor by the driver's seat.  Found a broken connection beneath the wood structure to which the foot switch was attached.  Connected the wires back together and it worked.  Pray your fix is easier than ours and doesn't drive you to pull out any hair.  It took much patience and effort to figure ours out. God bless, Ed & Sylvia

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HI  thank you all for the great ideas will be going to motor home this weekend to work on it , timas996 thanks for the picture of of the drawing it helped me find the correct 1997 drawing found on the down loads page that frank suggested. pacbrake sent  me a drawing and a tuturial as how the system works.


Thank You Mike Farquharson

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