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What Do These Attic Wires Power??

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Hey gang!  I’m working on my 1998 Monaco Dynasty Duke (no slide).  I’m mounting a Starlink on the roof. I took down an old antennae that provides a roof pass through to the interior of the coach. There are a bunch of wires running through the roof in this area and I would like to cut them out if I can. This will prevent me from having to cut a larger diameter hole needed to get the weird shaped Starlink cable through. Anyone know what these wires go to?  I’m gonna start tracing them to see what they are powering, but if you know, it will save me some time.

Here are pics of the old antennae, the hole and the wires in question. 






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No clue what cables are those but since you apparently already decided on permanent installation, you could as well just cut the Starlink cable, pull it through to the router location and reconnect there without the extra slack that comes with the 75' of factory cable. Many have done it, I just like to be able to move the dish wherever it gets better view. As a side note, I also like the remote controlled Concord antenna, mine still works great, only replaced the head for a better one.

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Thanks Ivan!  I traced those wires and decided that they were all part of the Concord system, so I cut them out. Easy day. Starlink installed. I’m going to try to find a permanent install by finding a female to female that I can mount on top and run to a plate inside the Coach and mount it where the Concord controller was installed. That way, I can completely take down the Starlink whenever I move and then quickly put it back up when I get to my new destination.  I enjoy projects like this. Thanks for your input!  

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