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Taillights & Marker Lights not working.

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Pulling into Augusta, MT, we smelled fuel and we were lucky that this happened as we were pulling into town, as the roads were narrow with barely a shoulder.  There was a campground at the edge of Augusta in front of which we parked for the day!  We found the fuel leak.  Fortune led me to call  a mobile repair guy in Great Falls MT.  Karl’s business is Diesel Fever, phone 406-781-6898 and I recommend him to the sky!   It was 6pm when he arrived and by 8 we were back on the road to Helena!  I pulled the headlights switch and had headlights, but no taillights or marker lights. Any ideas on getting taillights and marker lights working?  Thanks 
2003 Monanco Dynasty 



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It did check the wires going into the smart wheel control box and they are good. A number of years ago I replaced the wires going into the smart wheel control box with larger gauge wire as the wires that Monaco used were not large enough to carry the current and they melted the plug. Still don’t have taillights. Still on the road traveling only in day time. When I get home I will figure out what is going on. Thanks 

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I have been having an issue with my pull out light switch for some time. When I pull it on at times I need to wiggle the pull out stem to get headlights to turn on. I’m wondering if the switch could also be to cause of my lack of taillights and marker lights. I’m thinking I need to replace the pull out switch. Can anyone tell me the part umber and where I can get a new headlight switch?

2003 Dyansty 

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I replaced the headlight switch in my ’01 Dynasty with a 70’s Chevrolet switch from NAPA Auto Parts store.

The switch worked fine and was easy to replace.


20% off Eligible

Headlight Switch

Part #: ECH HL6613
Guaranteed to fit your vehicle1978 Chevrolet C10 1/2 Ton - Pickup
/ each
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IIRC the access panel on top of the dash allows for getting to the switch to push in the button which releases the pull out knob.  Then I just took the switch out the top and reversed the operation to install the new one. 

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Ok thanks so much for the information. I discovered that if I push the smart wheel button above the wiper control that all the marker lights and the taillights come on. So I guess that indicates that the smart wheel control box must be ok. I’m hoping that this means that the light switch is the issue. I will go to Napa and try to get new switch. Thanks to all for assistance!!!



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