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While traveling up a very steep hill, a red warning light that says “warning” came on on my dashboard. I am mediately backed off the throttle and the warning light went away. My owners manual is decidedly not helpful. Anybody have any experience with this problem?

Monaco Cayman XL with 35,000 miles.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated

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Did you happen to notice the coolant temperature when this occurred?

Was the “Stop Engine” light on as well?

Cayman a diesel 

Could be a lot of possibilities though.  Only speculation without a scan tool or obvious issue really. 

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The Cayman Owners Manual lists three warning lights:

Low air brake  pressure

ABS Warning light

Jacks down warning light

It also says you have a low coolant light and a Check Trans light.

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The Warning Light can mean several things.

1) Low fluid Levels (Oil, Coolant, etc).

2) One of several items out of range.

  I have a turbo actuator that sometimes sticks a little. So my warning light comes on often.

I have also gotten a warning light because of coolant sloshing in my surge tank.

If its a transient low fluid level, On my rig the light will go off after a little while.

The out of range stays on until the motor is stopped (Key turned off). Sometimes but not always when you get an out of range, it sets a code that can be read.

If you've checked your fluid levels, then you will need to get a code reader or go to a shop that can read the Cummins Insite codes. (Its not a normal ODBII connector).

If the Stop Engine Light comes on, Shut down, its serious and it is warning of possible engine damage. The "Warning" Light is telling you somthing needs to be looked at, but is not at a critical state (Thats my take on it, anyway).

Hope this helps,


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