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Another a/c question

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I have read the manual on the roof a/c operation and i really cant grasp the operation so i think there is a problem.When changing from zone 1 to zone 2 it does not make any difference as zone 1 is still blasting ouut cold air and never seems to tuurn off or cycle.The zone 2 seems like its partially hot and cold air.It has not been a problem as it has been over 100 degrees for months now.Could anyone explain to me the way to check this and is there a problem that need to be addressed.

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Try doing a thermostat reset for which ever one you have.  Try disconnecting and reconnecting the communication cables in case there is any type of corrosion. 

Do you know where your sensors are for the temps.  In some cases if the sensors are poorly places it affects the AC operation.  If the sensor is mounted on or near a wall exposed to the sun you may have a problem and/or if the sensor is in the direct out put of a vent it may cause a problem. 


I had to do a thermostat reset on the AC I just installed in my wifes Van.  I had ran it 3 different times to test and it seemed to work fine.  Then when I was doing a walk through with her for all the electrical it wouldn't cool.  Did the reset and then let it run on automatic for ~30 hours to make sure it was OK.  The AC has the distribution box (not hooked to any duct work) and the thermostat is mounted on passenger side right below the one vent and it was getting a false reading cycling on and off quickly, so I simply closed the vent and that solved that problem. 


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The one I reset was a 5 button thermostat,

I shut the thermostat off, held the top and bottom (mode & zone) buttons down and turned it on, then released the buttons.  The screen should show FF which indicates it reset.


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Set zone 1 to the mode you want by using the Mode button to cycle through Off to Cool or Furnace.  Then set the desired temperature.  

Then switch to zone 2 and set it up similarly.  

If zone 2 blows hot air when you have Cool selected the unit may be bad.  Or, if it's a heat pump model the reversing switch may need replacing. 

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