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Grey water tank leak

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Our grey water tank leakes thru the the tank level sensor that is connected to the Aladdin system. I have removed the sensor as it has stopped working anyway.

I replaced the sensor with a 3/4 pvc plug wrapped on Teflon tape. The tank does not leak at all until it is almost full, so apparently the water pressure when full causes the leak.

The old sensor and the  new plug are threaded into a female white fitting  which is attached to the bottom of the tank. That is where the leak appears to be originating from.

Does anyone know if that white fitting is glued or threaded into the the holding tank.

Thanks for any suggestions. 

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The fitting is probably spun welded to the tank. I had the same problem with my black water tank at the three inch drain fitting. I had to replace the tank.

i might suggest you look at https://www.recpro.com/universal-rv-holding-tank-installation-fittings-kit/. These fittings are installed from the outside of the tank and work quite well. If you have access to the leaky fitting and if there is enough land, perhaps cut out the leaking fitting using hole saw and replace with a larger size one. Then you can plug the new fitting.

good luck.



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I've changed several Aladdin tank quantity sensors (pressure transducers). 

I've also had a new sensor that leaked no matter what I did.  Another new sensor wrapped with multiple layers of quality Teflon tape resolved the issue.  It's important that you install these hand tight and then wrench tighten only 1/4 turn.  

After installation then you must go through the Aladdin calibration procedure.  (See Aladdin manual)

Purchase new sensors here:


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