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“Generator Door” warning on dash panel-Switch Location?


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Had the oil changed and AC serviced on the rig today.  Now I have a Generator Door warning on the dash display.  I’ve searched all over the gen compartment without seeing any obvious switch. 

Anyone familiar with the indicator switch location?


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1 hour ago, Ivan K said:

Maybe technology changed to magnetic or pressure switch or what ever but mine is just a regular pin switch. Simple.


Mine is the same, inhibitor switch.  But this could be mounted in a different location to sense generator slide is in the stored position 

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Found it once I got off the side of the road.  

Magnetic proximity switch, similar to the door.   The wired end is loose in a press fit socket.  Will need to apply some silicone. 


Generator Switch 1.jpeg

Generator Switch 2 .jpg.jpeg

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