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AquaHot Smoking

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This just a short FYI kind of post. My AquaHot has seemed to not burn real clean or work real well. Today I installed a new fuel filter and burner nozzle. What I found was that the soft/flexible air intake port material was folded over onto itself where it goes through the floor. I think the burner nozzle and filter were the original and the previous owner was a little less than honest when he told me the unit was freshly serviced. The fuel filter had black body undercoating spray still on it. Besides being an old nozzle and fuel filter with 535 hours on the unit, I think the air restriction was the real problem. After the new nozzle, fuel filter and making sure there was good air intake, that heater seems to run much better. When I fired it up I was shocked at the amount of carbon chunks were blown out the exhaust pipe. 

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I run my diesel burner at least every 3 weeks thru at least one cycle!

Keep's the nozzle clean!

The filter is overkill for the amount of fuel that flows thru it. The pickup should also be about 1/4 way up the fuel tank, so, should be clean fuel!

I'll run that for years!

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On 10/6/2023 at 2:09 PM, Dr4Film said:

Did you clean out the black soot from the combustion chamber real good which is part of the yearly Aqua-Hot Service procedure?

I did not yet but thanks for the reminder. I will do that.

On 10/7/2023 at 5:32 AM, radioman said:

That rubber nipple on the air intake had a service recall years ago. You are suppose to remove it and throw it away.

Good to know and thanks for the info.

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