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Painting Henry's Paint over Dicor

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The oxidation on my fiberglass roof causes a mess every time it rains. I am considering paint the roof with Henry's 887 Tropical. My roof has Dicor self leveling sealant and I am concerned about the paint adhering to the decor and also adding Dicor on the paint to repair future cracks. Has anyone had any experience with this? 

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Hello Jay, so yes i too did the tropicool roof paint. I read abt the paint, and all the benifits, its been everthing i wanted, for me i took off ALL the dicore and i used eterna bond tape on everything, as you see in the pic, be sure to reseal around the roof line, once its set then paint right over it. After washing the entire roof , i sealed the roof line, i then used 3m cleaner to wipe off the entire roof, when that dried i used the paint to cut in around everthing, 2 times, after that the rest of the roof. Like i said before its awsome, however the one issue i have is that when i climb up on the roof to clean it you have to be VERY CAREFULL, cause its silicone… when it get soap an water on it, it is VERY SLIPPERY! Its been like a few years an holding very well… FYI not shown in the pic are the ac covers, they had several stress cracks on the inside so on those i used gorilla tape on the stress cracks then on the outside of the covers i painted them too with the paint.IMG_3180.thumb.png.49aa6f112617a48e5307f9e53b36b026.pngIMG_4495.thumb.jpeg.e38eff14694e809cfa0a3fdf61213753.jpeg


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