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New captains chairs

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Monaco used captain's chairs and furniture from Villa International in the diesel coaches.  I was able to contact Villa and order a replacement set.  But they were expensive.  

Do your chairs have the seatbelt built into the chair?  If so, it limits your choices.  

If doing this again I would find a good upholstery shop and have the chairs recovered.  

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I have no knowledge of that brand or dealer, however, I will say if you ever look at the Villa seats sold by Coach Supply Direct the Villa seats are great but don't do any business with Coach Supply Direct!  It took me 6 months to get my new captain's chairs, but I learned later that Coach Supply Direct waited 3 months to place the order with Villa.  I also ordered a new Lambright recliner at the same time, I continually asked Josh for a delivery date and he told me that the Lambright chair was lower quality and he finally convinced Villa to make my chair to expand their offering since Flexsteel was out, he didn't have a date yet but said I'd be very happy.  Months later with lots of calls, texts and emails I was still getting the run around, so I called Villa directly and discovered that they never received an order from Josh for my chair!  Since then I've called, left messages, sent texts with no response.  Putting this all together it's obvious that Josh was using the money from one customer to advance and earlier customer that he also must have cheated.  I emailed Josh telling him that I now know his scam, and to give him one more chance to deliver by ordering the chair I originally bought and paid for (lesson learned!!), with no reply.  I now have filed a claim with the Small Claims Court, and in doing so I also discovered that I'm not the only one.  I've always been the type to trust others, but have learned a hard lesson! Getting back to the Villa chairs, we just made a 1,300 mile trip from upstate NY back to FL over 2-1/2 days, and did so without a single butt cramp!  The chairs are great!


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The original owner replaced the flexsteel with poor quality Williamsburg chairs (very uncomfortable) onto the flexstel power bases.  Selling coach next year so don’t want to spend more than I have to, Qualitex specs and design look good for a little more cost than reupholstering old Williamsburg chairs.  Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply.

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