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Air Dryer Inop?

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Have noticed lately that my air dryer is not purging as it has in the past. I have listened for it as the compressor reaches operating pressure, nothing.  Also have used an aux compressor to fill the system to 120 PSI, still nothing. Yes, the filters have not been changed in maybe three years. Could the pop-off valve be stuck? Could the filters be so clogged that it can cause it not to release?

Jim Eastburn

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So your governor is unloading your compressor, just no purge.

You may be better off just replacing the dryer assembly. They do tend to fail after a while, and replacing them isn't much more than buying the rebuild kits.

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Went through this last year. The purge valve in the air dryer was old dirty and not sealing so it never fully seated. 

You can get a new purge valve kit for cheap it doesn't come with the slide valve though. I bought a new air dryer off Amazon that was defective so don't do that. If the needle stops building its in the dryer. 

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Paul, that may be true. Draining the holding tanks revealed no moisture or oily substance so I think I'm good there. But, your right, I'm not going anywhere for a while and plans are to replace it. Thanks, Jim

On 10/13/2023 at 1:23 PM, Jdw12345 said:

I would check the air governor for proper operation.

I would replace the purge valve next, jmo.

 This might help.


jdw12345, thanks for the link, going into my file! Jim

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