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  1. Follow up: After 3 gallons of anti-freeze, repair line to expansion tank and a new pressure cap, all is good! Thanks all for the help. Jim
  2. Thanks Walter, for the time I’ve owned the coach I never noticed that the tubing had separated from the fill neck because it was still held in place by a small remnant of itself. Also checking the pressure cap nearly all rubber inside the cap was missing so I doubt that it was possible to have built any pressure. It will be interesting to see how much anti-freeze I will need to fill the AQ tank.
  3. Thanks Richard, you said it all in your first line. My Aqua Hot is of the 431 series and does not have zone lights or low fluid level cut off switch. Roger Berke replied to check fluid level and the good part (not known to me) is that the early 431 series uses everyday anti freeze like prestone. Big money saver there. Jim
  4. Checked out Rogers page and suprised to see I had signed up some time ago🙂. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks Paul for the link to Roger Berke.
  6. Thanks David. Burner is running good, exhaust is clean and water is HOT. Only zone A heating seems to have a problem (living room supply) and its check valve is not as hot as B & C. Now to determine how much fluid is in the tank. As mentioned before, the expansion tank return line was not and has not been connected to the over flow on the tank neck for a long period of time so a lot of fluid may have been lost there. Jim
  7. The burner unit was serviced a little over a year ago and all check valves are hot when running. The one thing I’m not sure about is the amount of fluid in the AQ itself or how to check it.
  8. I've had my coach now for a few years and noticed that the expansion tank level is always between cold and hot markings, never changes. This week, I replaced the expansion tank return hose which had been separated from the filler neck and replaced the 13# pressure cap then filled the expansion tank to the full mark. After a couple hours running and a cool down period there was no change is the expansion tank level. So now what? As far as hot showers and other running water goes, my vintage Aqua Hot AHE-100 series works great although I can't say much about the floor vents. The rear seem w
  9. Let me add my appreciation and thanks! Jim
  10. I use Awning Clamp from Camping World on my full side slide out. https://www.ganderoutdoors.com/rv-awning-clamp---black-35766.html?gclid=31be26ba8e4c1578824179fd2c78ab5a&gclsrc=3p.ds&
  11. Thanks Ernie, you are on our 12 month to do list. Jim, Edmond Oklahoma.
  12. Hmmmm, I'll have to take a harder look. I just installed a dishwasher and did not see one near kitchen sink. Jim
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